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Buffalo Dairy Farmers

There is a demand for milking buffalo in Australia and overseas. A group of Victorian Buffalo Breeders is pooling their resources to upgrade their stock by using pure Italian milking bulls and artificial insemination. This is to provide quality milking stock for new entrants into the market. There are now a lot of good milking types available, see list below for inquiries to breeders. Some of these animals may need to be trained to be milked whilst others may have been trained. Cows can be put with a bull prior to pick up or a bull maybe available for hire or loan depending on the security of your fencing etc.

Permits are required to raise buffalo in Victoria; Please read, 'details'.

To discuss becoming a Buffalo Dairy Farmer, you can also contact our members from their details below.


Gunbower Island, KOONDROOK
phone: 03 5453 3305

Robyn & Chris Richmond first purchased Swamp Buffalo in 1992 & developed a herd for the gourmet meat trade.

In 2002 we acquired a pure bred Riverine Bull, 'SHANNKIRST REBEL', sired by 'Hillary' with West Indian bloodlines.

He has proven a great success giving a 30% extra growth rate & 'finish off' time 6-12 months less with the hybrid vigor of his progeny.

2006 saw the purchase of several heifers from 'Son of Diego' blood lines to diversify our genetics. 2007 will see the acquisition of a yearling bull & two heifers with Imported Italian bloodlines from 'Bestiale'.

This will further enhance our genetic pool to produce calves of pure bred Riverine for dairying. Our aim is to assist with the development of the Buffalo Dairy Industry in Victoria with both information, husbandry & stock availability.


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