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History of Buffalo in Victoria

Swamp buffalo were first introduced to Victoria in the early 1970's. The first buffalo originated from Ban Ban Spring in the Northern Territory. Bob Steer was one of the early pioneers to graze buffalo here . In the early years there were large loses due to the harsh winter weather. It was concluded that swamp buffalo needed shelter from both the winter cold and the summer heat. A Western District farmer later imported Riverine Buffalo from Italy and Bulgaria to start a Buffalo Dairy for the making of specialised cheeses, yogurt and icecream. New breeders in Victoria are now introducing the Riverine breed to Victoria through A.I. programs and animals sourced from the Northern Territory and Queensland.

Today breeders are concentrating on breeding dairy type buffalo with meat being o by-product. The small group of members work together to promote the industry in southern parts of Australia with the following aims.

VicBIC is recommending all southern breeders consider Riverine and Riverine cross animals for their ability to handle climatic conditions (including drought) and the dual purposes for both meat and dairy products.

If you would be interested in joining the Victorian Buffalo Industry Council, please complete and return the membership application.

Keeping Buffalo In Victoria

Permits required to keep buffalo in Victoria. Read more (updated July 2017).


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