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April 2013 Edition (click here)
- Protocol talks a significant step forward for prospective Vietnam live buffalo trade
- New market prospects bring hope for live traders
- Pioneering buff technician Alf hangs up his gloves
- Final Buffalo Newsletter
- Industry agencies help offshore importers with ESCAS compliance
- RIRDC RESEARCH UPDATE: Buffalo boys the unexpected offspring of sexed semen trials
- Stunning review seeking ways for buffalo to meet new ESCAS requirements
- Buffalo News & Views ... from around the country

December 2012 Edition (click here)
- Extension offered for Vic buffalo permits
- Brunei takes latest buffalo shipment
- Assistance packages to enhance livestock market animal welfare
- Buffalo cull to halt wetlands damage
- Buffalo live export workshop addresses critical industry issues
- CSIRO researcher to report on stunning options
- RIRDC seeking nominations for Rural Leaders Program
- Buffalo News & Views ... from around the country

July 2012 Edition (click here)
- Buffalo trade in crisis in wake of export ban
- Workshop on industry issues
- Taking cheese-making to the classroom at Girraween Primary
- Buffalo cheese snares top awards
- NEW RIRDC REPORT: Enhancing productivity improvements in the Australian Water Buffalo Industry
- Buffalo News & Views ... from around the country

March 2012 Edition (click here)
- Buff calving, preg rates up in 2011
- ABIC reps on buffalo business
- Free-rangers on the rise
- RESEARCH UPDATE: Trialling sexed semen on buffalo
- Industry voice on FSANZ
- Live trade 2012
- Industry reps check out buffalo work at Warragul
- Progress on bufalo manual
- Buffalo News & Views ... from around the country

October 2011 Edition (click here)
- WANTED: Australian milking heifers to fill major South African order
- 50 Queensland buffalo jet off to Qatar
- AbattoirsProgress
- NSW buffalo farmers fight new animal regulations
- RIRDCís June calls it a day
- Beatrice Hill buff project on target for 100 purebreds in two years
- Buffalo destined for new Victorian dairy venture
- Buffalo Exports
- Buffalo News & Views ... from around the country

June 2011 Edition (click here)
- NSW buffalo farmers furious over 'farcical' NIA licence rules
- Live export ban will hurt buffalo sector
- Rugged-up Roger ready for work
- Baby buff maes up for disappointments
- Buff farmers say 'no' to petition for live export ban
- ABIC Conference 2011 - Windsor NSW
- Food lovers getting hooked on Windsor buff offerings
- Murrah project cut
- Buffalo News & Views ... from around the country

January-February 2011 Edition (click here)
- Abattoir development critical to national buff meat sector growth
- Riverine bufalo the mainstay of the NTís only dairy enterprise
- Murrah access hurdles force a research rethink
- ABIC state reps meet in Windsor
- RIRDC BUFFALO RESEARCH UPDATE: Mixed outcomes from four AI rounds in 2010
- Buffalo News & Views ... from around the country

September 2010 Edition (click here)
- Animal health authorities query buffalo industry stance on EBL
- Churchill study tour highlightsworldwide buffalo trends
- Victorians get on with Italian AI work while awaiting Murrah progress
- Canberra dinner pays tribute to Peterís work
- Buffalo News & Views ... from around the country

May 2010 Edition (click here)
- New Italian buff semen trials produce first bumper babies
- NTBIC elects new committee
- Buffalo Horn - a niche market
- Victorians keen to become buffalo dairy stronghold
- Julie set to take on RIRDC buffalo role
- Buffalo News & Views ... from around the country

February 2010 Edition (click here)
- Buffalo industry council revamp broadens membership scope
- Eric Cox honored for 35 years service to the buffalo industry
- Constant work needed to keep buff products on the Ďconsumer radarí
- RIRDC BUFFALO RESEARCH: 2009 in review
- Accolades for RIRDCís Dr Peter McInnes
- Buffalo News & Views ... from around the country

October 2009 Edition (click here)
- Call for participants in new dairy buffalo research project
- Vic vet George sets a hectic pace for his overseas tour
- Cape York buffalo pies up with the best in Australia
- Churchill Fellowship takes ABIC president on world buffalo study
- New Italian semen achieves 64% buffalo pregnancy rate
- Buffalo industry in the spotlight
- Buffalo News & Views ... from around the country

June 2009 Edition (click here)
- Tackling buffalo business on the Sunshine Coast
- Vics make their move on Bulgarian Murrah import
- Marko & Rocko on the job at Mabuhay
- 6th Asian Buffalo Congress
- NT buffalo industry pioneer honoured
- Future RIRDC research directions: An update
- Buffalo News & Views ... from around the country

January 2009 Edition (click here)
- Maleny in the spotlight as host for 2009 ABIC conference
- New RIRDC report now available
- Mullalyup Ďgirlsí find their rainbow connection
- Travelling chefsí love affair with Nepalese buffalo lures them into their own home venture
- RIRDC research report paves way for new direction in buffalo production
- Live Buff Exports Up In 2008
- Renewed hope for buff meat market as Top End abattoir changes hands
- Buffalo News & Views ... from around the country

August 2008 Edition (click here)
- RIRDC receives report from buffalo genetics and reproduction study
- Buffalo veal thatíll make you drool
- Indonesia still biggest buff buyer
- Craig & Janaís Cape York buffalo
- State Reports

May 2008 Edition (click here)
- The world wants our buffalo meat but we canít get it processed
- Eugene takes a plane trip
- NT buffalo industry farewells a quiet achiever and long-time stalwart
- More major national awards for buffalo milk cheeses
- Some Asian Buffalo Facts & Figures
- How Italians turn buff milk into magnificent mozzarella
- New executive appointed for NT admin body
- State Reports

March 2008 Edition (click here)
- New national buffalo register officially up and running
- Italy hosts World Buffalo Congress
- 2008 live exports off to a good start
- ABIC members check out parts of Victoriaís buffalo industry
- Report on RIRDC research directions
- ABIC Web Site and Trading Post Upgrade - State Reports

October 2007 Edition (click here)
- More New Zealand exports as interest in our dairy buff grows
- ABIC reps attend World Buffalo Congress
- Buffalo industry reps attend Canberra RIRDC meeting
- Live Buffalo exports for September 2007
- State Reports

June 2007 Edition (click here)
- Victorian producers probe potential new breeding line.
- Buff strip loin a sensation.
- Buff a winner in Culinary Challenge.
- Abattoir closure marks the end of an era - and a rethink for TenderBuff
- Record buff numbers presented for Milla Milla AI round
- State Reports

March 2007 Edition (click here)
- Industry Research a Key Focus at Darwin ABIC Meetings.
- WA Buffalo Farmer.
- Milking Buff Selection Criteria Accepted.
- Genetic & Reproduction Improvements
- State Reports

December 2006 Edition (click here)
- NZ Shipment Latest as Offshore Interest in Aussie Milking Buff Grows.
- Award-winning Milk & Cheese Partnership.
- Live Export Update
- Buff Begin New Life in Aceh
- State Reports

August 2006 Edition (click here)
- North Queensland Buff Dairy Sector Takes a Big Step Forward.
- Making Mozzarella at Shaw River.
- Success from Latest AI Work
- Landmark Buffalo Shipments
- State Reports

April 2006 Edition (click here)
- Tasmanian ABIC meeting sets scene for future industry growth.
- 2006 ABIC Committee.
- Yambuk buff first off the mark in Victoria AI research.
- Emerging Tasmanian buffalo industry.
- State Reports

February 2006 Edition (click here)
- Buffalo producers urged to prepare records now for new identification register
- First post-protocol buff doing well
- Beatrice Hill AI update
- State Reports

December 2005 Edition (click here)
- New health protocol opens Buffalo markets in Indonesia
- Victoria Joins AI trials
- Buffalo starter kit
- RIRDC AI research update
- State Reports

August 2005 Edition (click here)
- Awards for Buffalo Dairy Products
- Tassie to host 2006 AGM
- Import protocol talks continue
- State Reports

April 2005 Edition (click here)
- RIRDC considers 5 year R&D plan
- Memorandum paves way for new links with Sabah
- Healthy trends in live export
- Import protocol talks
- ABIC delegates report on buffalo industry highs & lows in 2004

- State Reports

December 2004 Edition (click here)
- Manila World Buffalo Congress report
- Profile: Telegraph Farm, Western Australia
- Formula for advancing Australia's buffalo industry
- Top End shipment to Malaysia biggest in 17 years
- State Reports

September 2004 Edition (click here)
- Indonesian visit starts ball rolling
- Profile: Oyster Cove Buffalo, Tasmania
- Beatrice Hill AI research update
- Buffalo History Captured on Camera
- State Reports

June 2004 Edition (click here)
- Wetlands backdrop for national TV TenderBuff cook-up
- Web Site launch
- Kiwi's eye off our dairy buffalo
- Minister tours Top End buffalo farms
- Promoting Aussie Buffalo on the international front
- RIRDC buffalo research project
- State Reports

March 2004 Edition (click here)
- Queensland Buffalo Dairy Developments
- AGM's Focus on expanding Australia's Buffalo Sector
- 7th World Buffalo Congress
- Buffalo Fetta & Yoghurt
- State Reports

December 2003 Edition (click here)
- RIRDC Approves New National Buffalo Research Project
- Buffalo Pies
- 'Buffalo Bob' on the Marketing Trail
- Queensland AGM 7-8Feb04
- Buffalo A.I. Study
- State Reports

August 2003 Edition (click here)
- RIRDC Annual General Meeting in Darwin
- South Australian Buffalo Industry on the show trail
- NTBIC Market Potential in Sabah, Malaysia
- Low Stress Handling
- State Reports

April 2003 Edition (click here)
- Top End ABIC Meeting Appoints New-Look National Committee
- Introducing the New President
- ABIC Delegates Tour Top End Farms
- NT Buffalo Industry Gathers Momentum
- ABIC Levy Decision
- State Reports

December 2002 Edition (click here)
- The Territory Buffalo Industry - Strategies for a Healthy Future
- Mineral Block Trial Results
- Presidents Report
- Trialing Three-Quarter Cross Riverine as TenderBuff
- South Australia Drought Report
- State Reports

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